Get an FDNY Fire Guard Certification for Many NYC Jobs that Require It!





Local government fire codes require New York Fire Department (FDNY) certified fireguards and fire safety directors in a variety of circumstances. They play a major role in the safety of large buildings and construction sites, high-rise buildings, residential and commercial buildings, and other similar type properties.

New York City laws require that fireguards must be provided for fire watch duties any time a fire alarm, sprinkler or standpipe is out of service in large commercial or residential buildings. Fireguards are also usually required at construction sites where fire suppression systems have not yet been installed, or where open flame is in use.

Here are some links to FREE FDNY study guides of some FDNY Fire Guard Certificates of Fitness than can help NYC jobseekers gain an edge for various NYC jobs that require them. The exams for these FDNY Fire Guard Certificates of Fitness are administered by FDNY for just the exam processing costs:

Links to FREE FDNY study guides: